A Part


GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% White Grenache

AGEING: six months in acacia barrels

TASTING NOTES: A golden white wine with straw-yellow hues and pale highlights. A good round movement and density, leaves legs trickling down the inside of the glass. Citric with hints of anise, the A Part wine offers a palette of aromas as it moves in the glass; flowers, stone fruits such as peaches and plums, pineapple, pale soil and sun backed by wood from the time spent in barrels. It has a complex, harmonic nose.
Creamy, dense and firm in the mouth, this is a silky wine which leaves no one indifferent. Its acidity gives it a long life. A long and deep aftertaste brings the fruit back to the front, with even more presence than in the first sip. It has hints of white and red soils, and, finally, saline notes as befits a White Grenache.