Cellers Tarroné is a special winemaking project, creating great wines in Batea

Cellers Tarroné is a special winery, based in the village of Batea, which makes wines bursting with personality, character and elegance. These wines are a true reflection of the winemaking team’s hard work at this family-based winery, which has been making wine for over 70 years.

We are united by our passion for making great wines in the Terra Alta Designation of Origin (certified wine region).

We base our philosophy on quality and respect for our vineyards and for our wines.

We are the fourth generation of this family who values its land. We have passed down this legacy over the last 70 years and it has become the cornerstone of our work. We have used our savoir faire all this time and this can be appreciated in every drop of our wine.








Wines which reveal the family’s values regarding our vineyards and which pay tribute to the family’s legacy.

Our family has been accumulating knowledge and know-how in winemaking in the village of Batea for more than 70 years. We aim to continue to use this experience in our new, modern and young winery project today. We are committed and willing to better ourselves every day and

to make wines that are worthy of the D.O. Terra Alta wine appellation. Year after year, we have invested and improved our vineyards. We have done the same in our winery in order to always guarantee maximum quality in our grapes and in our wines.