The vineyards are at one with the native Mediterranean vegetation which is common to inland mountainous regions. This can often be recognised in the wines in terms of pine, eucalyptus and dried herb aromas. We own 40 hectares (98 acres) of vineyards divided over 6 different plots: Torremadrina, Mas de Freixes, Trufes, La Masadeta, Camí de Vilalba and Benufet. We pay careful attention to our vineyards in order to prevent pests and diseases and to ensure quality right from the start of the vineyard growth cycle until the end of grape ripening. We work with 6 grape varieties, mainly Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache) and Garnatxa Negra (Red Grenache) but we also work with Macabeu, Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah for our blends.

Average altitudes oscilate between 35 and 500 metres above sea level. The production area is bordered by the Ports d’Horta Mountains to the south and the Pàndols and Cavalls Mountain Ranges to the south-east. This makes our vineyards face north and west, covering very diverse reliefs. Many of our vineyards are planted on natural terraces protected from soil erosion by dry stone walls.


Our soils date back to the Quaternary period and are mainly clay-based limestone soils, very poor in organic matter. The soils are made up of “panal” a sandy, loamy soil and some are former riverbeds with lots of rounded pebblestones.


We wish to transmit the character of our vineyards and unique terroir to our wines. We live in a privileged location; our climate and native grape varieties give our wines a distinctive. If we couple this with our hard work as a team, we have the basis for our winemaking philosophy.

The Human Factor

As well as the usual work in the vineyards, we carry out green pruning throughout the year (three green prunings every cycle) to conserve our special microclimate and natural environment. We keep a check on yields and we use support irrigation.

We like to use the traditional varieties of the D.O. Terra Alta and we harvest at the optimum point of ripeness of the grape. We run checks to make sure the vines are developing properly, searching as always to allow the grapes express themselves to the full.

White Grenache

This is the flagship grape variety of the D.O. Terra Alta, where 33% of  the world’s total production is grown. Subtle on the nose, with intense flavours in the mouth, which are clearly the result of its Mediterranean upbringing.

Red Grenache

This is also a native grape variety which has adapted perfectly to the climate and soils of the Terra Alta. It is the most widely used variety for making red wines. It is pleasant, fruit-driven, with a backdrop of pine forest, eucalyptus and wild herbs.


Dry Mediterranean, with two types of wind which clearly define the grape growing in the region: the Cerc wind (northerly wind) and the Garbí (easterly sea breeze). The Cerc wind blows strongly and keeps the vines and grapes healthy during the ripening period. The Garbí and sea breezes from the Mediterranean refresh the vines during the hot summers which is dry, with high daytime temperatures. These contrast sharply with winters which are damp and very cold. Annual rainfall is very scarce and ranges from 350 mm to 500 mm depending on the area within the region. .